With over two decades of service to Latta, South Carolina openly-gay Police Chief Crystal Moore enjoyed a controversy-free record until a new mayor set out to fire her. Within months of taking office, Mayor Earl Bullard issued seven reprimands against Moore, all within the same day, and fired her. South Carolina has no laws against LGBT job discrimination. The ACLU across the country and the ACLU of Illinois advocates and litigates against LGBT discrimination and the destructive, cruel humiliation Police Chief Moore was subjected to by an ignorant boss.  What happened to Moore can happen anywhere without civil rights protections:

All it takes is a change in leadership, and any employer can suddenly take advantage of the lack of LGBT employment protections in their state. While some seem to think that the gay rights movement is mounting witch hunts against those it brands homophobic bigots, cases like Crystal Moore’s remind us that for most the battle remains one for simple equality.

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