Gifts of Appreciated Stocks or Property are particularly advantageous from a tax point of view, especially if you own appreciated stocks on which you would have to pay long-term capital gains tax. Since each tax situation is different, please consult your tax advisor about making a gift of stock.

If you have decided to give stock, the process is very simple: Ask your broker to electronically transfer the stock directly to the Roger Baldwin Foundation account at:

Mesirow Financial
Adam Goldman
Vice President, Wealth Advisor
610 Central Ave, Suite 200
Highland Park, IL 60035
phone: 312-595-6274
fax: 312-595-4318

DTC number is 0226
RBF account # is WMP-004917
EIN 36-2682569

Important: please have your broker notify Daniel Kaspari (312-595-6558) OR Michael Breen (312-595-6455) of the transfer, the type of stock and the donor name.