What is the difference between the Roger Baldwin Foundation and the ACLU of Illinois?

The Roger Baldwin Foundation is a 501c(3) organization and serves as the legal, educational and communications arm of the ACLU of Illinois.  Gifts to the Roger Baldwin Foundation are tax-deductible.  The ACLU of Illinois is a 501c(4) organization dedicated to protecting and extending liberty primarily through legislative advocacy.  Gifts to the ACLU of Illinois are not tax-deductible. Learn More.

The ACLU of Illinois has been the principal protector of constitutional rights in the state since its founding in 1929.

With a growing membership around the country the ACLU protects freedom, liberty, equality and justice through litigation, lobbying and education.

Are There Other Ways to Donate?

You can support the work of the ACLU of Illinois and Roger Baldwin Foundation in many different ways:

Does the ACLU share or exchange my name with other organizations?

As part of our recruitment effort, we may arrange to send our members a mailing piece from another organization in exchange for the opportunity to send an ACLU mailing to their members.  We always guard the anonymity of our members very carefully. No one but ACLU staff ever sees the membership list.  If you do not wish to have your name exchanged, simply notify the membership office.

When I join the ACLU of Illinois, am I part of the National ACLU?

Yes, all members of the ACLU of Illinois are automatically members of the National organization. Likewise all National ACLU members, who live in Illinois, are members of the ACLU of Illinois.

What is the tax identification number of the Roger Baldwin Foundation of ACLU?

Gifts of stock and gifts through donor advised funds often ask for the tax identification number for the organization.  The federal tax identification number for the Roger Baldwin Foundation is 36-2682569.


Do you have questions or concerns about your donation to the Roger Baldwin Foundation of the ACLU of Illinois?

Contact the development department:

Philanthropy and Engagement Department
150 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 600
Chicago, IL 60601