The Next Generation Society of the ACLU is a vibrant and diverse membership group for activists, professionals, artists, emerging leaders, and engaged citizens committed to supporting the essential work of the ACLU and safeguarding civil liberties for future generations.

Founded in Chicago in 2015, the Next Generation Society of the ACLU focuses on engaging the “next generation” of ACLU supporters in ways that reflect modern and contemporary needs. ACLU Next Gen members infuse the work of the ACLU with new energy, bring diverse professional and social networks into the ACLU family, and most importantly, are passionate about protecting civil liberties for all people.

Through book clubs, happy hours, celebrity chef dinners, fundraisers, and educational panels, ACLU Next Generation Society members gather and work together to learn about, support, and advance the important work of the ACLU. Members also get opportunities to use their expertise and resources to work directly with ACLU staff on important initiatives. In the past, for example, members have served as cooperating pro bono attorneys and issue experts, helped with design and filmmaking projects, and have facilitated partnerships with community organizations.

The ACLU asks Next Generation Society members to make a minimum annual contribution of $125 (fully tax-deductible), all of which goes towards funding the ACLU’s cutting-edge work on reproductive freedom, voting, immigration, police reform, privacy, First Amendment issues, and more. Thanks to the commitment of ACLU Next Gen members, the Next Generation Society of the ACLU is able to fully fund an ACLU staff attorney position each year.

In addition to all of the above, ACLU Next Generation members receive a range of benefits, which include:

  • An invitation to an exclusive annual Next Generation Society of the ACLU Lunch for you and a friend
  • Regular updates on important ACLU activities, opportunities, and events
  • Insider access to ACLU events, including ACLU Town Halls, speaking engagements, and other programs
  • Networking opportunities with other ACLU Next Generation Society members, ACLU staff and the ACLU Board
  • A Next Generation Society of the ACLU membership card

As we commemorate the centennial anniversary of the ACLU and the five-year anniversary of the society, we hope you will Join The Next Generation Society of ACLU of Illinois today!

For more information about the ACLU Next Generation Society or the Next Generation Society Board, please contact Liesl Pereira ( If the cost of $125 is a barrier to you please reach out to Liesl for a sponsored membership.