LGBTQ and HIV Advocacy

The ACLU of Illinois firmly believes that rights should not be limited based on a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity. We stand in support of inclusive policies that strengthen rights for LGBT individuals.

Women's and Reproductive Rights

The ACLU of Illinois works to ensure that all women are treated with fairness and dignity in all areas of society. The ACLU of Illinois has also worked for decades through the courts and legislature to create in Illinois an oasis for basic reproductive care in the Midwest.

Criminal Justice Reform

Decades of politically-motivated policies aimed at being “tough” on crime have produced no results in combatting crime and filled our prisons and jails with persons who pose little risk to our society.

First Amendment Advocacy

The freedom of speech, of the press, the right to peacefully assemble, and religious liberty are the fundamental cornerstones of our democratic society. The ACLU of Illinois historically defended these values, including the ability of a group of neo-Nazis to demonstrate in Skokie.

Police Practices and Racial Justice

The ACLU of Illinois historically has confronted policing practices and attitudes entrenched in many municipalities that result in reprehensible and unconstitutional racially-biased policing.

Voting Rights

Nothing is more fundamental to the preservation of America’s representative democracy and our self-government than the ability to vote.

Institutionalized Persons

The ACLU of Illinois believes that persons in government institutions or for whom the government is responsible deserve a fair and constitutionally appropriate level of care.


The ACLU of Illinois supports a system of immigration that embraces the American ideal of being a welcoming nation to newcomers and refugees.

Government Accountability and Personal Privacy

The ACLU of Illinois believes that our constitutional system demands that government be accountable to the public. The government must be open and transparent so that the public is aware of what is happening with our tax dollars and in our names.