One of the main ways the ACLU of Illinois works to protect civil liberties and civil rights is through litigation. Litigation remains one of the fundamental tools with which our adept legal team fights for equality and civil rights throughout the state.  This section of our website documents the cases we’re working on now and those we’ve handled in recent years.

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Campos v. City of Chicago

We represent Julie Campos, a Southside Chicago Latina resident – who was physically assaulted and falsely arrested by a Chicago police officer. The lawsuit stems from events at Ms. Campos’ place of employment, a Family Dollar Store, on June 2, 2020. Ms.

May 26, 2022 Police Practices and Racial Justice

Dent v. Constellation

The ACLU of Illinois joined Women Employed, the National Women’s Law Center, and 28 other leading public interest organizations in filing an amicus brief before the Illinois Supreme Court in the case of Constellation NewEnergy et al. v.

May 27, 2021

People v. McCavitt

The Fourth Amendment does not allow law enforcement to fish around in people’s electronic devices to see if they can find evidence of a crime.  Instead, they must have a warrant describing the device to be searched and the particular evidence they may search for.  It usually is not fe

March 8, 2021