UPDATE 1/12/23: HB 4664 was signed into law by Governor Pritzker. Read more here.

House Bill 4664 builds on existing Illinois law, including the fundamental right of every person in Illinois to make all reproductive health care decisions without governmental interference. 

States across the country continue to pass dangerous restrictions on abortion and gender-affirming health care. HB 4664 will prevent those states from imposing those restrictions in this state. It reinforces protections for Illinois health care providers and patients travelling here to access abortion or gender affirming health care.

Among other things, the measure:

  • Protects the Illinois health care providers’ licenses from disciplinary action if they provide lawful health care in Illinois, even if that care is not legal in another state.
  • Expands access to reproductive health care by permitting birth centers in Illinois to provide full spectrum reproductive health care, instead of only childbirth-related needs of pregnant persons and their newborns.
  • Clarifies the ability of advanced practice registered nurses and physicians assistants to provide aspiration abortion care in Illinois.
  • Expands patients’ ability to receive hormonal birth control over the counter from a pharmacist.
  • Clarifies that assisted reproduction, such as IVF and other medical interventions, is entitled to protection as a fundamental right in Illinois.
  • Allows out-of-state physicians, physicians assistants, and advanced practice registered nurses the ability to practice health care in Illinois pursuant to a 2-year temporary license to to meet the increased need for abortion care in Illinois.
  • Protects patients, providers, and those assisting them, from aggressive litigation under other states laws intended to deter people from obtaining abortion and gender-affirming care that is lawful in Illinois.

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