Table of Contents

Part I: Letter from the Executive Director
Part II: Advancing Rights for the LGBT Community
Part III: Working to Make Policing Color-Blind
Part IV: Advancing Civil Liberties in the Illinois Legislature
Part V: Helping People with Disabilities Be at Home
Part VI: Protecting Access to Reproductive Health Care
Part VII: Combating Mass Incarceration
Part VIII: Fighting for Basic Civil Liberties
Part IX: Privacy in the Age of Digital Technology
Part X: Looking Ahead

2014 Financial Information

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Part I: Letter from the Executive Director

Dear ACLU Supporters,

In a couple of thousand words, this report attempts to capture some of the remarkable ACLU accomplishments in Illinois during 2014. But there are not enough words to capture the magnitude of the impact that you have helped us make possible during this year.

Indeed, I wish we could highlight the real heroes of the past year –

  • The more than 100,000 clients whose lives we have improved or are improving;
  • The thousands of activists and financial supporters across the State who have rallied to invest in our work;
  • The dozens of cooperating counsel and other volunteers who give tirelessly of their time and talent to expand the effectiveness of our work;
  • Our committed and energetic Board of Directors, led by the incomparable President Jill Metz, who help guide and shape our work and always support and inspire that work on behalf of our clients; and,
  • An exceptional staff with hundreds of years of experience and expertise advancing civil liberties victories.

Together, we are fighting to make Illinois a better place. But we know that this could not happen without your involvement and your support.

This report reflects only a snap shot of our work, and our victories, for a single year. But we know that protecting rights means keeping our eyes on the challenges ahead. So, even as we enjoy this success, we are preparing for the new, unforeseen fights ahead. We know that you will be with us when those challenges arise. And, for that, we thank you.


Colleen K. Connell
Executive Director

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