Our work to fix Illinois' dysfunctional, antiquated system for caring for persons with disabilities is seeing significant success. For years, Illinois has channeled people with mental illness, developmental disabilities and physical disabilities into large, impersonal nursing homes – places where their every movement was controlled and managed.

Evidence shows that people with disabilities flourish and grow when their independence is encouraged, facilitating the development of life skills. Our litigation is changing the Illinois system.

In 2014, we reached a milestone, having moved 1,000 people with mental illness out of large institutions and into their own residences. These moves are not only good for these individuals – who get assistance to monitor their medications and safety – but also saves the State of Illinois money.

We also helped more than 700 people with developmental disabilities, who had once been confined to large institutions, move into community settings. Another 2,000 families caring for a person with developmental disabilities in their home, are now receiving services that make life better for the individual and their family – meaning that these

2,000 individuals will not end up in a large nursing home.

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