The ACLU's tenacity won significant civil liberties victories in 2014.

The ACLU of Illinois secured legislation that requires law enforcement to collect and report data about the race of every motorist in a traffic stop for another four years. This data is invaluable in our advocacy fighting racial profiling. As noted elsewhere in this report, for example, we know that African American and Latino motorists are far more likely to be stopped each year, and far less likely to be found with contraband in a consent search by police.

We advanced a strong measure that enhances workplace fairness, writing and winning passage of a measure that compels employers to make modest accommodations for women who are pregnant. These accommodations include things like having access to water and more frequent bathroom breaks.

The ACLU of Illinois pushed passage of a comprehensive sexual health education, a measure insuring that the sex ed in Illinois will be scientifically-based, not biased by ideology and religion.

And, we won a huge victory for Illinois students by passing a much-improved anti-bullying measure as part of the state school code. School ought to be a place for learning and

development, not fear and violence.

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