March 24, 2017 -- Independent consultant and former U.S. Magistrate Judge Arlander Keys released his first semiannual report pursuant to the 2015 investigatory stop and protective pat down agreement between the City of Chicago, Chicago Police Department and the ACLU of Illinois.

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The Report:

The Consultant's First Semiannual Report on the Investigatory Stop and Protective Pat Down Agreement for the Period January 1, 2016 - June 30, 2016.
Exhibits and Appendices



The statistics:

A download of source data on the investigatory stop reports is available at the Chicago Police Department's website.

  • Despite the decrease in total number of stops, the racial breakdown of individuals stopped has remained relatively stable.
  • We continue to see that more than 70% of stops are of Black people, while less than 10% are of white people. Revised App. B, p. 32, Table 4.
  • We now have data on how many stops lead to frisks, as well as how many frisks actually result in a weapon being found.
  • Over 1/3 of all individuals stopped were also frisked. Revised App. B, p. 38, Table 10.
  • Of those who were frisked, nearly 73% were Black. Only 5% were white. Revised App. B, p. 37, Table 9.
  • For Black individuals, weapons were recovered just over 2% of the time, while for white individuals, weapons were recovered about 4% of the time. Revised App. B, p. 40, Table 12.
  • In other words, Black individuals were more likely than white individuals to be frisked after a stop, Revised App. B, p. 38, Table 10, yet white individuals were more likely to be found with a weapon, Revised App. B, p. 40, Table 12.
  • Overall, weapons were found in only 2.5% of frisks.Revised App. B, p. 40, Table 12.

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