The following is the statement of ACLU of Illinois Executive Director Colleen K. Connell regarding Chicago's lawsuit against Trump's immigration policies:

The ACLU of Illinois supports the City’s lawsuit challenging efforts by Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions to force Chicago–and all municipalities–to conform to the Administration’s brutal and counterproductive immigration enforcement policies. Locales such as Chicago and Cook County learned over many years that earning the trust of newcomer communities by not participating in immigration enforcement activities strengthened those communities and fostered cooperation in combating crime. 

The Trump/Sessions approach to immigration enforcement will erode this trust, but the Administration seems bent on forcing collaboration from local police to advance their narrow political agenda.

The Trump efforts on immigration–including a previous executive order on “sanctuary cities” and the now infamous “travel ban”–have not fared well when held up to close examination in our federal courts. We expect a similar result in this case.