Statement of Karen Sheley
Director of Police Practices Project


Chicago is reeling once again from another life ended too soon following a police shooting. The ACLU joins all those in grieving the death of the man shot by police in South Shore.

There were two distinct responses to the events last night. The evident public anger in the South Shore neighborhood speaks to the tragedy of this personal loss and to the absence of trust with Chicago police.  How can Chicagoans calmly react to one police-involved shooting when there still has not been accountability for the last?

Video released by the media and residents on the scene also show the response of the police – wielding batons and tossing people to the ground.  The Civilian Office of Police Accountability has announced its investigation of the shooting; it must investigate the use of force on protesters and observers at the scene as well.

The community deserves an open, fair investigation of this shooting.  But that cannot happen until Chicago reforms the police department, including how misconduct is investigated. The City should agree to the Attorney General’s demands, to community demands, and start the process of reform now.