Numerous media sources have reported that the Trump administration is planning to dramatically rollback critical protections for transgender people by dictating a narrow definition of sex and writing people who are transgender out of the law. These measures come at a time when the public and courts are increasingly agreeing that transgender people should be protected from discrimination.

John Knight, director of the ACLU of Illinois LGBTQ & HIV Project, issued the following statement in response: 

“This cruel attack on transgender people is a new low point for the Trump Administration. We will not stand by and allow the very being of our colleagues, friends and family members who are transgender from being written off as unworthy of recognition. Hateful words can be issued from Washington, but transgender people are not going away and will not be silenced. 

Transgender people have worked tirelessly to challenge discrimination against those who are transgender at the local and state, as well as federal level. If the Trump administration moves forward with these hateful and hurtful policies, they will challenge those policies as well. We are dedicated to doing everything we can to ensure those challenges are successful.”