Today, the District 211 Board voted to approve a new policy that will grant transgender students unrestricted access to the locker room of the student's gender identity and end the use of privacy stalls.
The below statement can be attributed to Ed Yohnka, Director of Communications and Public Policy, ACLU of Illinois:
“The passage of a new inclusive policy guaranteeing students who are transgender full and equal use of locker rooms and restrooms in District 211 is welcome, but long overdue. Tonight’s positive vote ends four years of controversy and serves the best interest of all students in the D211 schools. It would not be possible without the bravery and leadership of Student A, Nova Maday, and every student who is transgender who has attended a District 211 high school in making this day possible. 
We and our client, Nova, look forward to seeing how District 211 will implement this new policy and hope they will do it in a way to best ensure demanding fair treatment for all of their students. We will continue to fight for equal treatment for as long as it takes.”