The Windy City Times reports on a civil union discrimination case being co-counseled by the ACLU of Illinois' John Knight and Harvey Grossman. A Mattoon couple's civil rights were violated when they were denied services by two bed and breakfast facilities to host their civil union ceremonies. In addition to being denied services, the couple received additional email communication from a contact at one of the bed and breakfasts that denied them:

Following their lack of success booking at the Beall Mansion, the Wathens contacted Jim Walden at Timber Creek. In an email response to their inquiry, Walden told Todd Wathen that his inn would "never" host same-sex civil unions or weddings because "we believe homosexuality is wrong and unnatural based on what the bible says about it."

According to the complaints, Walden followed his response unsolicited three days later, citing verses on how "The Creator of the Earth looks at the gay lifestyle."

"It is not too late to change your behavior," the email stated. "He is loving and kind and ready to forgive all men their trespasses, including me."

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