As part of the AIDS at 30 series, the Windy City Times published a profile of former ACLU of Illinois attorney John Hammell. Hammell was the first lawyer brought on by the ACLU of Illinois to work exclusively on cases involving HIV/AIDS issues. He later moved on to become the LGBT rights project director. Both Colleen Connell, executive director, and Harvey Grossman, legal director, are quoted in the article offering their fondest memories of working with Hammell.

"He was a wonderful colleague and a really smart lawyer," Connell said. "John was the ultimate coalition builder. … He saw the connectivity of really so many of the issues that the ACLU worked on."

Hammell argued a number of precedent-setting cases including one that forced the Chicago Transit Authority to post AIDS-prevention ads on buses and trains; one that extended federal housing protection to HIV-infected patients; and one that declared a state law compelling HIV testing unconstitutional.

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