Think Progress reports the release of yet another study exposing the government’s negligently supervised immigrant detention program. “Migrant Mistreatment While in U.S. Custody” a joint investigative study by Immigration Policy Center, the University of Arizona, and George Washington University, determined that unsupervised border patrol agents consistently mistreated and even abused immigrants at detention centers. For years the ACLU has advocated that the immigrant lock-up system was not only a waste of tax payers’ money but fostered inhumane treatment of inmates;  that pressure, as the article notes, has led to some minor improvements:

A growing number of studies show that the Border Patrol agency lacks oversight. The agency has vowed to change some of its guidelines for handling immigrants, but it has been painfully slow to take up such measures.  In September, the agency released a statement intending to restructure its training program to ensure that “excessive force is strictly prohibited,” but the move came only after 19 immigrants died at the hands of Border Patrol agents and the ACLU filed a lawsuit.

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