ACLU of Illinois response to today’s Supreme Court decision in Arizona v. U.S. regarding the State of Arizona’s harsh anti-immigration law:

While striking down the vast majority of Arizona’s anti-immigration law, SB 1070, today's Supreme Court decision lifting a preliminary injunction barring enforcement of the “show me your papers” provision in the harsh Arizona immigration law does real damage to citizens and non-citizens alike who will be targeted and detained by police based on nothing more than their physical appearance.  It will inevitably result in in race-based enforcement.

The American Civil Liberties Union continues to oppose these types of measures.  We note that Illinois rejects this approach to dealing with newcomers, exemplified by the fact that Cook County has declined to participate in the process of detaining arrestees while their immigration status is determined.  Illinois leaders recognize that such policies undermine police work and threaten our most basic American values.

Moving forward, the ACLU of Illinois will monitor any increased police activity -- by state or local law enforcement -- that targets immigrants.  If any such police activity results in racial profiling, we will take all necessary steps to challenge and stop biased policing.