12/13/12 UPDATE: Legislative leaders announced plans to push for a vote on the freedom to marry for same-sex couples in early January.

Last May, the ACLU went to court to win the freedom to marry for same-sex couples in Illinois. We said then that the time to end the discriminatory ban against marriage for same-sex copies was now. Recent events have shown how right we were.

As you may have seen, a number of public leaders are talking publicly about advancing legislation in the next few months to permit same sex couples to marry. This is no surprise. The truly historic wins on marriage in the recent election -- in Maine, Maryland, Washington State and Minnesota (defeating an anti-marriage amendment to their constitution) -- create powerful momentum across the nation for basic fairness and the freedom to marry.

We also know that a majority of people in Illinois now support the freedom to marry for same sex couples. This growing majority reflects changing attitudes across every demographic group, including increased support in every age group, religious affiliation, political party and ideological perspective. All Illinoisans deserve a policy that reflects their values -- values of fairness and dignity.

Winning the freedom to marry in Illinois will not be easy, just as it was not easy in Maine, Maryland or Washington State. It will be won only through hard work and assistance from concerned voters all across the State. Nothing is guaranteed. We will keep you posted in the weeks and months ahead on developments in the legislature. In the interim, we continue to work on behalf of the nine couples we represent who reflect the diversity that makes our state great.  All couples in Illinois deserve the dignity and fairness of being able to marry the person they love.

We will not rest until that goal is achieved.