Following historic Supreme Court decisions that struck down the so-called Defense of Marriage Act and restored the freedom to marry for same-sex couples in California, Illinois Unites for Marriage released the following statements:

On U.S. v. Windsor:

Today, the highest court in the United States struck down the core of the Defense of Marriage Act, affirming that all committed, loving couples need the respect and dignity of marriage. Today’s historic decision means that thousands of married lesbian and gay couples, in states where the freedom to marry is recognized, can better protect one another and their children. Now more than ever, it’s time for Illinois to join those states on the right side of history and grant those families the federal safety net that marriage can now provide them. The Illinois House of Representatives must act quickly and address this inequity by passing Senate Bill 10 in the upcoming veto session. Illinois cannot stand idle while the momentum for marriage continues across the country, and Illinois Unites will continue to work on winning the freedom to marry for all Illinois families.

On Hollingsworth v. Perry:

Illinois Unites is extremely happy for California, a state that now re-joins the momentum for marriage that is happening across the country. Today’s ruling now places a full 30% of the American public in jurisdictions that grants same-sex couples the freedom to marry. We urge the Illinois House of Representatives to add the Land of Lincoln to the growing roster of states that grant same-sex couples the dignity and respect of marriage. The House should act quickly to pass Senate Bill 10 and make Illinois the next state to extend the freedom to marry to our gay and lesbian friends, neighbors, colleagues and family members.