Last week, our colleague John Knight participated in a press conference with County Clerk David Orr to mark the issuance of the 10,000 marriage license to a gay or lesbian couple in Cook County. Later in the week, the Clerk’s office hit the magic number. 

This is a moment that deserves celebration. Just a couple of years ago, we were bombarding our supporters with emails asking them to reach out to legislators to support the freedom to marry in Illinois. Our supporters responded and we won a great victory. Then, we went to federal court with lawyers from Lambda Legal to winthe freedom to marry in Cook County even before that legislation took effect. 

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We could not do this work without our supporters. This support not only sustains the ACLU – it makes a real difference in the lives of thousands of Illinois residents. This support has changed the lives of couples like Danielle Cook and Suzie Hutton of Bloomington-Normal, who came to Cook County to get married even before their county was issuing marriage licenses. This support made a difference to Michelle Mascaro and Corynne Romine of suburban Chicago, who now can tell their children that they are married as are the parents of their friends. 

10,000 marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples in Cook County is a great achievement. But we have more work to do – so take a moment to celebrate and then we will get back to work. 

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