From ACLU national's Blog of Rights:

Some schools have improperly configured their web-filtering software to illegally censor LGBT-related websites such as the GSA Network and the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network. At the same time that they block access to websites for positive LGBT rights organizations, those schools still allow access to anti-LGBT sites that condemn LGBT people or urge us to try to change our sexual orientation. This is called viewpoint discrimination, and it’s illegal.

Beyond being illegal, when schools block access to positive LGBT information, they block information that could be vital for troubled LGBT youth who either don’t have access to the Internet at home or don’t feel safe accessing such information on their home computers.

If you’re a public high school student and would like to know more about your school’s web filter, read the full blog post and check out the video showing how to test whether your school is illegally filtering content and how to report censorship.

Students who want to report unconstitutional web filtering at their schools can take action and fill out a form on the ACLU National webpage. Learn more about the ACLU’s work on LGBT school issues.