The Chicago Tribune has an editorial today about the freedom to marry for all Illinois couples. In light of the recent New Jersey court ruling that legalized same-sex marriage, and on the heels of the death of DOMA, The Chicago Tribune is urging Illinois legislators to call the bill for a vote in the General Assembly.

It's time for a vote. It's time to get lawmakers on record.
Independent polls consistently show more than half of Americans support allowing same-sex couples to marry. That's the law in 14 states. The shift in favor is clear, and the trend seems inevitable: 70 percent of people under the age of 30 support gay marriage.

Under legislative rules, the bill in the House would require a supermajority, 71 votes, to pass and be effective immediately. There is another course: Amend the bill so it takes effect in mid-2014, which would require a simple majority of 60 votes and another roll call in the Senate.

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