As we continue to wait for a vote on Senate Bill 10, support for the measure continues to grow.  An editorial in The Chicago Tribune speaks to the benefits of allowing same-sex couples the freedom to marry and what it will mean for the state of Illinois. Civil unions have been legal in Illinois since 2010.  But couples in civil unions are denied many federal benefits available to married couples. For many, the fight for marriage is a fight to have their relationships recognized under federal law. Senate Bill 10 does not require churches and ministers to administer gay marriage ceremonies and assures that churches will not be penalized for refusing to allow same-sex ceremonies. What Senate Bill 10 does allow is to, “reward committed relationships, promote stable families and safeguard the interests of children with same-sex parents.” Governor Pat Quinn has also urged lawmakers to vote on this historic piece of legislation and to join the 12 other states who have already “cast a vote for history.” Public opinion polls show huge support for same-sex marriages and the numbers continue to rise. The ACLU of Illinois as part of the Illinois Unites for Marriage coalition has been behind this bill from its beginning and our work is not yet over. These next few days are of the utmost importance and we encourage you to show your support for Senate Bill 10 by contacting your legislator and encouraging them to cast their vote for the right side of history.