The Chicago Tribune reported on Minneapolis mayor R.T. Rybak visiting Chicago this week to launch a campaign encouraging gay and lesbian couples in Illinois to get married in Minneapolis, where they can be legally married. The campaign hopes to gain tourism money from Illinoisans who travel there to marry, and also hopes to demonstrate that the freedom to marry is long overdue in Illinois.

Rybak's message could bolster efforts of Illinois' gay marriage proponents, who are smarting after legislation passed in the Senate was not called to the floor of the House due to lack of support last June.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Gov. Pat Quinn support gay marriage rights.

"If I was the mayor of any city in Illinois, I would be really frightened. Chicago and other towns stand to lose a lot of money," Rybak said. "My advice is to get on board. This is going to happen. People are going to remember how long it took for Illinois to come around."

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