Eric Zorn's Chicago Tribune column Change of Subject tackled the issue of religious refusal as it relates to same-sex marriage. In looking ahead to a time when the freedom to marry is granted to all couples throughout the country, religious groups have argued that individual's religious beliefs will be infringed upon, if they are business owners whose services are solicited by a same-sex couple wanting to wed. They believe that religious business owners should be allowed to discriminate based on their religion.

Opponents of SB 10, the marriage bill, fear that Illinois churches will be forced to participate in gay weddings, even though it is against their religion. Zorn points out that there is nothing in the marriage bill that would force churches to participate in same-sex marriages:

Indeed the proposal notes explicitly that all "organization(s) whose principal purpose is the study, practice, or advancement of religion" remain "free to choose which marriages it will solemnize," and free to refuse to offer their facilities for such marriages without fear of being sued.

Opponents of gay marriage say they want more — the restoration of the rights of small business owners to discriminate against gay couples if their "sincerely held religious beliefs" so dictate; the ability for employers to deny married same-sex couples the benefits afforded to opposite-sex married couples.

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