The Chicago Sun-Times ran a front page story about the ACLU of Illinois' lawsuit on behalf of 9 same-sex couples seeking recognition for their shared love and commitment by challenging the constitutionality of the state law that denies them the freedom to marry. The article profiles lead plaintiffs Tanya Lazaro and Liz Matos who are proud mothers of two children, and are committed to each other and to their family. Like the other plaintiff couples in the lawsuit, Tanya and Liz feel that civil unions create limits to the protection and recognition that full marriage would provide.

“A civil union to me didn’t represent that [bond], a marriage represents,” Lazaro said. “We contemplated getting a civil union just for our protection, for our children’s protection financially. But to me it did not represent a marriage and what I thought we were entitled to as citizens of this state and citizens of this country.”

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