Illinois State Representative La Shawn Ford announced Tuesday that he has pledged his support for Senate Bill 10, approving the freedom to marry for gay and lesbian couples, when it is called for a vote this week -- the final week of this session of the General Assembly. Ford told The Chicago Sun-Times that it was his community that helped him with this decision. He said, "I got tons of calls in support, and the constant lobbying and support for the measure from those that believe this is a right they deserve is what really pushed it over the top. I just think that all the credit goes to the community that lobbied hard for the measure. It's a page out of the civil rights movement to show that when you work hard and come together, things change. And how do you vote against something where so many people have worked so hard to fight for?”

As we approach the end of the legislative session in Springfield, it is crucial that we reach out to our legislators and show our support for the freedom to marry. You can look up your legislator at the Illinois Unites website and let them know that you are in support of Senate Bill 10. We only have a few days left to make Illinois Lucky Number 13 for the freedom to marry!