According to columnist Michael Sneed, Cook County Clerk David Orr’s office predicts that it will soon issue the 1000th marriage license to same-sex couples. In February, Federal Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman ruled for immediate marriage equality in Lee v. Orr, a suit brought by the ACLU of Illinois and Lambda Legal, and ordered the Cook County Clerk’s office to promptly begin issuing marriage license to same sex applicants. Since then the office reports processing over 950 license applications and that a third of the applicant couples traveled from other Illinois counties to Orr’s office to obtain a marriage license. The Clerk’s office anticipates reaching the 1000 milestone as soon as Friday. Courtney Greve a spokeswoman for Orr’s office stated:

“We also expect the numbers to go up because of planned summer weddings and the 60-day period it takes to get a license.”

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