The ACLU of Illinois is saddened to learn of the death of Ron Dorfman, a journalist, advocate for civil rights and friend the ACLU of Illinois. We take this moment to extend our heartfelt  condolences to Ron's husband Ken Ilio. Both Ron and Ken had supported and celebrated passage last year of the Illinois Religious Freedom Protection and Marriage Fairness Act. The reality for Ron and Ken was that they knew that they might not be able to fully enjoy the accomplishment. Ron's terminal heart disease, they knew, could well preclude his living long enough for them to legally marry in June when the law takes effect. Working with the ACLU and Lambda, Dorfman and Ilio were among the four couples who successfully petitioned the courts to expedite their marriage license because of mitigating health reasons, paving the way for other same-sex couples with seriously ill partners to obtain expedited licenses in Cook County. Dorfman and Ilio became the first male, same-sex couple to be legally married in Illinois under the court ruling. Speaking to The Chicago Sun-Times the now widowed Ilio pointed out that though he and Dorfman were just recently wed, “He’s been my partner for 20 years.”   
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