The Chicago Phoenix covered a recent town hall meeting about the marriage bill. The meeting consisted of a panel of speakers from the Illinois United for Marriage campaign that included ACLU of Illinois staff attorney Karen Sheley. The ACLU of Illinois has hosted phone banks as part of the coalition's efforts to garner support for the marriage bill.

Meanwhile, coalition efforts — such as phone banking, sending email messages, meeting with individual legislators and other actions targeting lawmakers who appear to be on the fence — will continue even beyond when the vote occurs, the advocates said, and shared new details on what they have accomplished so far.
Over the last five months, 500 Illinois Unites volunteers have made over 220,000 dials via a network of at least 200 phone bank stations   to legislators in 38 districts represented by targeted lawmakers who may be undecided on the issue, according to Clark, who runs the phone bank operation for the coalition.

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