I came down to Springfield this morning with ACLU of Illinois Executive Director Colleen Connell and Board President Jill Metz to join the rest of the ACLU team as we fight for two of our major legislative objectives during this fall veto session: passing SB 1716 Illinois Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Union Act and SB 3529 which would end the death penalty.

The bill to repeal the death penalty was passed out of the House Judiciary II - Criminal Law Committee on a 4-3 vote. This important vote moves the bill one step closer to vote of the full House, and we are working hard to move legislators to support the bill. 

We just finished an amazing press conference of Illinois religious leaders, speaking out in support of passing SB 1716, the civil union legislation. This important bill would provide basic legal benefits to gay and lesbian (or straight!) couples who have been denied them under current Illinois law. We are hopeful the bill will swiftly move towards a vote in the next day or so. 

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