Last week, State Representative Greg Harris, lead sponsor of Senate Bill 10 approving the freedom to marry in Illinois, said there would “absolutely” be a vote on the measure before the May 31st adjournment of the state legislature.  Representative Harris also said the measure will be approved.  The Associated Press did a round-up of what is at stake and what is happening to move the bill to passage. Here are a few quick facts:

  • The bill does not force religiously affiliated institutions to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies.
  • The bill does not affect school curriculum.
  • Existing civil unions will remain valid and those in a civil union can choose to apply for a marriage license.
  •  A recent poll shows 44% support among Illinoisans for the passage of this bill, an increase from 2010.
  • If the legislation passes Illinois will be the 13th state to approve gay and lesbian marriages.

Supporters for the bill include the Illinois Unites for Marriage coalition, which includes the ACLU of Illinois, as well as Democratic legislators, such as Governor Quinn and Republicans like Sen. Mark Kirk.

You can read the entire article.