ABC News recently reported on the ACLU of Florida’s lawsuit against the State of Florida for their voter purge. Florida is attempting to remove potentially ineligible voters from the rolls by using a program that relies on drivers license data. The ACLU says this program violates the 1965 Voting Rights Act because it has not been pre-approved by the Justice Department.

“The illegal program to purge eligible voters uses inaccurate information to remove eligible citizens from the voter rolls,” said Howard Simon, Executive Director of ACLUFL, in a statement when the suit was filed Friday. “It seems that Governor Scott and his Secretary of State cannot speak without hiding what they mean in political spin. They mislead Floridians by calling their illegal list purge ‘protecting citizen’s voting rights.’ This is precisely why Congress has re-enacted, and why we continue to need, the Voting Rights Act – to prevent state officials from interfering with the constitutional rights of minorities. We now look to the courts to stop the Scott administration from assaulting democracy by denying American citizens the right to vote.”

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