We have sued the Sheriffs of two Illinois counties, Ogle and Stephenson, for violating the TRUST Act. In 2017, Illinois enacted the TRUST Act, a measure that limits state and local law enforcement’s participation in federal immigration enforcement. Among other things, the law prohibits law enforcement from holding someone just because of a request from ICE. The goal of the TRUST Act is to foster confidence between law enforcement agencies and the state’s immigrant communities by ensuring that interactions between immigrants and law enforcement do not lead to immigration detention or deportation. 

We filed these lawsuits on behalf of three clients, Pedro Tlapa Castillo (Stephenson), Marcio Hernandez Rodriguez and Artemio Castillo Arteaga (Ogle). All three of our clients were stopped and arrested for minor traffic violations. Mr. Tlapa, for example, skidded through a stop sign on an icy road.  All three quickly posted a cash bond, which should have led to their immediate release. Instead, officers in each of the Sheriff’s offices held them until ICE officials picked them up.

The Sheriffs’ actions were in clear violation on the TRUST Act. We have filed separate lawsuits against each county. 


Rebecca Glenberg (ACLU of Illinois), Everett J. Cygal, Jin Yan, Mariam Chamilova, Sarah Lode (Schiff Hardin LLP), Mark Fleming (National Immigrant Justice Center)