The following is the statement of Karen Sheley, Police Practices Project Director for the ACLU of Illinois:

President Donald Trump continues to show an astonishing lack of understanding about policing in our nation. His suggestion that police should purposefully cause pain and injury to suspects or arrestees by banging their heads against squad cars is disgusting and counterproductive.  Additionally, these words are especially offensive for communities of color – in Chicago and across the nation – where residents have fought to end this kind of abuse and for better police community relations. 

In America, we do not physically abuse someone simply because they are suspected of criminal activity.  That suggestion is repugnant and flies in the face of our constitutional and cultural values. 

Moreover, the way to safer streets and strong communities is through police-civilian cooperation, not strong-arm police tactics.  We have seen the sad consequences in Chicago when police conduct is not properly supervised and monitored.  

All people deserve respect.  These comments are truly beneath the office of President of the United States.