The following statement can be attributed to Lorie Chaiten, Director of Women’s and Reproductive Rights Project, ACLU of Illinois:

It is a sad reflection that seven members of our Illinois Congressional delegation yesterday issued a statement that purposefully misrepresented the facts about Illinois House Bill 40, signed into law by Governor Bruce Rauner last week.  That new law simply extends coverage for health care, including abortion care, to all women in our state, even if they get their health insurance through the State. The law in no way changes abortion law in Illinois regarding when an abortion can be legally and safely performed. It is simply political distortion to say otherwise – and these lawmakers should retract that assertion.

It is fascinating that the Congressmen link their fake critique of House Bill 40 to federal legislation they support – H.R. 36.  This abortion ban relies on fake “science” and fake claims.  The assertion that the Congressmen supported the federal measure as a response to House Bill 40 is laughable and should fool no one.  These seven members are long-time anti-abortion partisans, who have supported numerous restrictions on the ability of women in Illinois and across the country to make the most intimate decisions – about when and if to become a parent. 

We can only stand in bewilderment that members of our congressional delegation champion H.R. 36, which counts among its prime sponsors a member of Congress who urged a woman with whom he had an affair to terminate her pregnancy. This is hypocrisy and political partisanship of the highest order. 

House Bill 40 will help women in Illinois.  These members of Congress should applaud, not condemn, such legislation.