We welcome the quick action to appoint Ms. Walker as the Director of DCFS. The new director will have a lot on her hands in trying to resolve problems at the troubled agency. News reports and court filings by independent experts in recent weeks have made clear that DCFS is not meeting its commitment to Illinois’ most vulnerable children and families. As the lawyers for all the children in the agency, we continue to push for real change at DCFS, change that will mean better, safer lives for the children under the state’s care. Children suffer when the workers responsible for investigating reports of abuse or neglect are laboring under excessive caseloads, when the placement and treatment services they need are unavailable, and when it is accepted practice for children to remain in the State’s care until they reach adulthood.  That is the hard reality of the current state of affairs at DCFS.  We hope to work cooperatively with the new Director to find solutions to these problems.