“It is extremely disappointing that the Chicago City Council decided to rush to vote on this ordinance today. We understand that aldermen want to be ‘tough on crime’ – but this cannot be done on the backs of domestic and sexual violence survivors, people with disabilities and crime victims. 

The City of Chicago can attempt any carve out they want, but the truth is there will always be unintended repercussions to an ordinance that uses 911 calls to trigger enforcement at residential properties. This is not an ordinance about ‘problem businesses’ – it affects residential properties and the ability of renters to stay safe in their own homes. When property owners face the threat of penalties from the City, they respond by taking action against tenants, including by evicting tenants, refusing to renew leases, and instructing tenants not to call 911.
Along with over 20 advocacy organizations, we have urged the City to repeal the entirety of the ‘chronic illegal activity premises’ ordinance (8-4-87) and will continue to advocate for its repeal. The risk of harm to our communities is too great to leave the ordinance in place.”
American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois
Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law
Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation
For more information on Ordinance O2018-89, please click here.