With just a few days to go before Election Day we know you are being barraged with political advertising, mailings and emails for specific candidates. The ACLU of Illinois wants to remind you that there are two critical ballot issues worthy of your support. 

The first is an advisory referendum question that asks whether insurance plans in Illinois that offer prescription drug coverage should also cover prescription birth control. The ACLU urges a strong YES vote on this question. We must send a strong signal to legislators, other elected officials and regulators that birth control for women is a medical necessity and must be treated with dignity and respect, not as some political football.

The second question is a proposed constitutional amendment that explicitly protects voting rights in Illinois. This measure also deserves a strong YES vote from you. The ACLU historically has worked to expand and protect voting rights for all persons in the United States and we would like to see these principles enshrined in Illinois' state Constitution.

Please keep these issues in mind when you go to vote.