The Chicago Tribune has an excellent profile of some of the individuals with developmental disabilities who will be affected by the settlement of Ligas v. Maram:

When Stanley Ligas talks about moving out of the 96-bed facility where he has lived for years and into a small, community-based home for people with developmental disabilities, he describes it like this:

"You know how Jiminy Cricket sings, 'When you wish upon a star'? That's what it's like for me. It would be a dream come true."

Ligas is one of several plaintiffs in a federal lawsuit that might soon give Illinoisans with developmental disabilities more opportunities to live in community homes.

"I want to work full time," said Ligas, 43, who now lives in the Sheltered Village facility in Woodstock and gets out a couple of days a week to work at a nearby Popeyes restaurant. "It's really what I need. I'm ready to move."

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