The ACLU of Illinois and our co-counsel are returning to court, asking a federal judge to enforce an order compelling the State of Illinois to pay providers for our clients in the Ligas litigation. The case involves individuals with developmental disabilities, allowing these Illinoisans to move out of large institutions and into small home settings.

Last week, Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman ordered the State to pay providers for our clients and other affected parties by the end of last week. The State has failed to make these payments. On Wednesday, August 26th, the ACLU and others will go back before Judge Coleman asking her to require the State to explain their failure to make these payments, and provide a date certain when payments will be made, or be held in contempt.

As the motion makes clear, “Many of these individuals cannot feed, clothe, or toilet themselves or administer critical medication needed on a daily basis. The providers of these essential services are completely dependent upon the funding of the State in order to remain in operation. If the State does not timely make the payments required by federal law and the orders entered in this case, numerous providers will immediately close their doors, and thousands of individuals with developmental disabilities will not receive services that are essential to their survival.” Many may be forced to move from their familiar homes and relocate to unfamiliar and inappropriate living situations.

We will keep you posted on developments in this matter.