Too often, reproductive issues are discussed only in sound bites and talking points, on posters and in slogans. The ACLU of Illinois is working to change that.

Over 10 days in July and August, we will be traveling the state, listening to women, men, young people and doctors throughout Illinois as they share stories about the barriers they face in accessing and providing reproductive health care and information. As we travel through 13 Illinois cities and towns over the course of 10 days, we will learn more about the challenges everyday people face in filling prescriptions for birth control, in finding doctors who will provide needed services or perform abortions, in dealing with Medicaid funding or in receiving comprehensive, age-appropriate sexual health education in public schools.

Our goal is nothing less than to put a human face on the issues and challenges of access to reproductive health services and information in the State of Illinois.

You are invited to join us on the road - You can follow the journey at, on Facebook and on Twitter. We'll be holding public listening events in eight cities across the state:

Quad Cities - July 27th
Peoria - July 29th
Bloomington - July 30th
Decatur - July 31st
Springfield - August 1st
Carbondale - August 3rd
Champaign - August 4th
East St. Louis - August 5th

Do you have a story to tell about reproductive health in Illinois? We're listening. Email us at or visit