Two more attacks on women's health care in the House Agriculture Committee:

  • House Bill 2093 imposes on private and government employers burdensome training and compliance obligations regarding abuse and neglect reporting, even for staff that have no contact with patients seeking birth control, birth control counseling, sex education, gynecological care and services, abortions, abortion referrals or abortion counseling. Current law already contains rigorous reporting requirements for licensed health care providers, including doctors, nurses and social workers. Imposing these obligations on office staff and secretaries is nothing but an effort to burden these service providers. Download the fact sheet.

  • House Bill 3156 seeks to upend the current evident-based regulatory system created and enforced by the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) under which abortion facilities have been safely regulated for two decades. The measure will not advance patient health and safety, but will significantly increase costs and decrease access to abortion services in Illinois. 92% of Illinois counties already have no abortion provider. These costly and unnecessary regulations will force many remaining facilities to close – leaving more women without access to essential health care. Download the fact sheet.

Urge members of the House Agriculture Committee to vote NO on House Bill 2093 and House Bill 3156. The committee is next scheduled to meet on Tuesday, March 8th.