There have been many encouraging developments over the past few days. Millions of Americans have vocally reiterated their support for civil liberties and reaffirmed their commitment to the proposition that liberty and equality are not zero-sum games; these human rights belong to all of us! We have been overwhelmed - in a positive way - by the number of people who have called, emailed, and stopped us on the street, asking: how can we help defend the Constitution?

Below are three things people can do immediately to help protect civil liberties and to reinforce the constitutional values that really do reflect "our better angels," to quote President Lincoln.

The ACLU has stood strong against past threats to our civil liberties, and is uniquely positioned to stand up for tomorrow's fight to protect our civil rights. Our ACLU family will stand together to face the challenges ahead, and will continue to staunchly defend the civil liberties enshrined in the Constitution.