The Chicago News Cooperative published an article about the ACLU of Illinois' lawsuit asking the city to refine their police deployment strategy to address disparities in response rates to 9-1-1 calls made in certain neighborhoods. The ACLU of Illinois cited data in the lawsuit obtained by the Chicago News Cooperative that shows police respond less frequently to 9-1-1 calls on the South and West Sides, which consist of primarily African-American and Latino neighborhoods.

The CNC obtained deployment data from an anonymous police source. City officials have continued to decline to make the data public, saying its release would constitute a security risk.

Harvey Grossman, the legal director for the ACLU, said the lawsuit is an attempt to “bring sunshine” to the deployment of officers by forcing the city to explain its assignment strategy.

“This shouldn’t be a secret in the city,” he said. “We pay for those services. Everybody agrees that public perception is an incredibly important part of public safety. You can’t have a sense of safety if you don’t know how your officers are deployed.”

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