The Belleville News-Democrat published an editorial Friday in support of HB 2675 and its passage in the Illinois Senate. The American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois (ACLU-IL) played a major role in moving this legislation forward, sponsored by Rep. Camille Lilly and State Senator Heather Steans. The BND stressed that “school is supposed to be about access to knowledge, not about limiting information and hoping for the best.” With the passage of HB 2675, school sexual education courses will include information about birth control and sexually transmitted disease prevention. The new bill also gives parents the final say in whether or not their child participates in the sexual education. The BND supports strong parental involvement regarding these issues but concedes that children need “age-appropriate, professionally presented information” with regards to sexual education. Abstinence can still be taught as the only guaranteed birth and disease control. The editorial echoes Illinois State Senator Holmes views that it is “naïve” to believe that just by teaching abstinence will prevent our children from exploring sexually until marriage. The ACLU of Illinois urges Governor Quinn to sign HB 2675 into law.