The following statement can be attributed to Nora Collins-Mandeville, Director of Systems Reform Policy, ACLU of Illinois:
“The passage of House Bill 219 is a huge win for students across the State of Illinois. The measure was advanced after media reports indicated that schools regularly used restraint and seclusion practices. More alarming, these harmful practices were used most often against youth of color and youth with disabilities.
It is worth noting the cruelty of some of these practices. Many of the prone restraints authorized by schools were tantamount to the use of deadly force. And we know the devastating psychological impact on students from being secluded. These practices simply cannot be permitted in our schools, and this bill makes that clear. Thanks to passage of this measure, Illinois joins the majority of states across the country in banning these cruel, unnecessary measures.
We thank Senator Gillespie and Representative Carroll for their leadership and commitment to seeing this wrong righted.
We look forward to seeing this measure signed into law by the Governor, and to the future benefit that will flow to students all across our state.”