<p>We applaud the announcement by Illinois Governor Pat Quinn, regarding the closure of the “super max” prison facility at Tamms.&nbsp; Since its opening in 1995, Tamms has been an enormous burden to Illinois taxpayers and done irreparable harm to detainees by its use of long-term solitary confinement without any human contact. The best estimates are that housing an Illinois prisoner at Tamms costs three times more than the average of other correctional facilities in Illinois.&nbsp; It is little wonder that the Governor has decided to shutter the facility.<br>Tamms also has become a symbol for harsh treatment because of the use of long-term solitary confinement.&nbsp; Some detainees at the facility were held in these conditions for up to a decade – causing profound and irreparable harm that has been criticized by human rights groups, legal experts and a federal judge.&nbsp; We hope that the closure of Tamms will cause the Illinois Department of Corrections to re-think their use of solitary confinement in all state facilities.&nbsp; Other states have reduced their reliance on solitary confinement without any increase in the rates of recidivism of prisoners or violent crime.</p><p>Closing Tamms marks an important step forward in Illinois. We congratulate the Governor on taking this step.</p>